What We Do

Whitney and Associates offer agents and advisors a true partnership. We do this with an array of programs and resources to put you at the forefront of your community with a professional brand and consistent marketing message. Below is a list of the value ads that we offer here at WAA and we look forward to earning your business. 

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WAA Seminar Program
  • Utilize the Your Retirement Timeline brand.​
  • Enjoy a reserved territory.
  • Hybrid approach to filling rooms with Direct Mail and Digital Marketing.
  • Access to your registrations on WAA Portal.
  • We send out all of the reminders.
  • We make all of the reminder calls and send you the Sign In Sheets ahead of the event.
Access to WAA Seminar Credit program "Partner" (We Pay For Your Seminars).
  • For every $400k in premium we pay for a seminar campaign.​
  • If you do not have a credit, you access our wholesale pricing for seminar marketing.
  • If you are new with WAA you can provide Proof of Production from last year to get head start credits!!!
Access to WAA Above Street Program "Executive."
  • If you are an above street agent or small group we will meet your comp level.​
  • You and your downline agents will access our wholesale marketing pricing.
    • Wholesale Pricing: $3,500 single event or $4,750 ​two session event (or $275/Attendee, whichever is less).
    • Alternative Payment Method - Pay Per Attendee @ $275/Attendee
Access to WAA Portal
  • Portal houses a CRM system for you to utilize and store your client's and prospects.​​
  • Seminar prospects and attendees are automatically uploaded into your agent portal.
  • Easily send out communication to records indicated as "Registrant" or "Attendee.
  • Use pre-loaded emails to communicate with clients and prospects in your CRM.
Access to Business Builder Platform
  • Track business in real time when it is submitted. ​​​
  • Easily view business from multiple carriers in one location!
  • View issues that may be holding up your business, like "Not in Good Order" notifications.
  • Run your own production reports and see how fast carriers are processing business.
Expert Case design and assistance powered by Indexalyzer.
  • Analyze industry products, indexes, history and performance.​
Other Program Discounts Available
  • NSSA Program Discount​
  • Retirement Analyzer Discount


Partner with us and we will pay for your seminar marketing
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